24 de setembro de 2006

Cooking Vocabulary

I preferred to post my task here because it was spending much time to attach my file to send it for the yahoo groups.
see you guys!!

21 de setembro de 2006

Writing a poem II

My poem

As I not as creative as you guys, I preferred to write my poem following the persona-poem hints.
Daughter of Edna
Who loves traveling, music and sports
Who is afraid of snakes, violence and loneliness
Who wants to see Bahia, the end of corruption and peace
Resident of BH (it should be Beverly Hills)

22 de agosto de 2006

Sites for ESL-EFL

I suggest you to visit these 3 sites. In my opinion they offer excellent material for teachers and students. I tried to select somes sites which offer free material and also printable.

Teaching English is a co-production between the BBC (British Broadcast Company) and the British Council.What called my attention is the fact that both organizations receive funding from the UK government for their work,so all the material in this site is totally free.We can access the content in three main ways: as a forum, where people can discuss different teaching aspects, as a webresource containing good and free EFL material and as an theoretical arquive, containing articles about teaching ideas and techniques.This site is amazing!!!
There are many free activities, lessons for teaching English in primary school and in each lesson they suggest some sites and teachers reference.If you want to receive free lessons plans and newsletters, you can register your e-mail there.
Check you vocabulary knowledge or improve it more!!
These are my suggestion, then I'll post more links about ESL sites.
See u

About me

Hello everybody!!

I'll try to give you a little information about me. I'm 25 years old and I live with my mother.I don't have brothers and sisters,but I can tell you I have 2 friends which I consider them my brothers,they always help me and I know I can count on them. I also have many friends at College,I spend a great time when I'm with them.
Well, I love computers and that's the reason I'm taking this course.In fact this is my third time taking an online course with Professor Vera.Besides, in each semester I can learn and improve a lot my skills in English and computers knowledge.
In these pictures you can take your conclusions about my hobbies!!

14 de agosto de 2006

criações no photoshop

Adoro criar coisas novas no photoshop, principalmente pegar fotos e transforma-las em desenhos. bom eu tentei!!rsss